Thursday, June 15, 2017

Frio River Family Reunion

Leakey, Tx! One of my favorite places ever. We go every summer for a family reunion with my dads side of the family. We have been going every summer since I was little. My dad has been going every summer since he was little- so this is a lasting tradition that I plan to carry on forever! We all look forward to the simple fun, family memories and beautiful hill country! It turns out to be about 14 adults and 14 kids!!! It is a group that we enjoy so so much!


My dad wasn't able to come this year because of his health issues, which he was really upset about! He was planning on coming after his dialysis treatment, but he ended up in the hospital with infection. We were already in Leakey, so my dad demanded that we stay and enjoy the weekend. My brother stayed home with Dad, they were missed. Dad is now home and only stayed in hospital for 2 days. He is just really battling dialysis and the sickness/infections that come along with kidney failure. Per my dads request....we fully relaxed and enjoyed the long weekend!

What is not to love about Leakey? Fishing, hiking, outdoor adventure, cousins, campfires, smores, tubing, rope swings, Frio River, skipping rocks, kid talent shows and priceless memories! We did all the above. This was the first year that I feel our kids are out of the "edge of my seat" phase. We were actually able to enjoy the water without jumping up at every splash! It was great! My kids LOVE this trip more than anything in the world. They start a countdown like 3 months in advance and talk about it all year long! Trent found "the perfect Leakey skipping rock" like 8 months ago and has held onto it for this trip! We walked down to the river and he wanted me to skip it! And he was right, it was the perfect rock!  Trent hula hooped with an inner-tube for his talent in the family talent show. Faith Ann danced. Hunter did ninja obstacles on tree vines and logs! ha!

Oh sassy sister!!!!! She cracked everyone up all weekend! Her posing, her sweetness, her ability to keep up, her excitement and her dancing. Just too adorable! Hunter loves the cousin time the most. He is our social guy and thrives off of interaction. So, he loves playing games, laughing, and creating ninja obstacles on the campsite! Bentley always comes along. She is 9 now, but still acts like a puppy at the Frio! Her feet are sore for days afterwards from running on the rocks. But she LOVES it!

We stay in the same cabins every year at Camp Live Oak. It is such an awesome campground, river access and tons of land. It is simply beautiful! Perfect weekend. We missed my dad, but he loves Leakey so much, that he was calling throughout the weekend to get the play by play on what we were doing. I was texting Beau pictures to show him. Dad would laugh and chuckle at all the fun we were having! Leakey, never disappoint! Frio River reunion success!

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