Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Summer Memories

It's already July!!! We just celebrated 4th of July with a wonderful long weekend. We went to visit Scott's aunt Connie in Austin. His mom and grandmother were there too. So, we all stayed the night at her house and swam! Then, Scott and I left the kids there as we headed to Lost Pines for a get away.
We lounged by the pool, enjoyed long strolls, sitting on our porch of the amazing resort. We ate long meals and sipped on drinks! It was amazing. July 2nd would have been my moms 72 birthday! So, we talked a lot about my mom. Our favorite and funniest memories!

We slept until 9am!!!!! That NEVER happens, but we took advantage of the quietness. Then, Scott's mom dropped the kids off at Lost Pines for them to enjoy the resort too! We had an action packed day...lazy river, slides, pool hopping, eating, bike rides, snowcones! It was such a well-rounded vacation....perfect blend of family time, alone time, kid time! Amazing memories, and we LOVED Lost Pines. We plan on going back!
We headed home back to Houston to close up our 4th of July long weekend. Scott was off of work until Wednesday! So, he joined me on a 4th of July bootcamp. It is an obstacle course type training. SO fun. Very challenging. Scott did great! The kids were right behind us, running and doing pull ups! Hunter climbed the rope better than most of the adults! So fun to watch him in his element. I love that our kids get to be part of our fitness journey. We closed up the workout with me pulling a car! Ha! Hunter and Trent didn't think I could do it, so we strapped a harness on me and I pulled the jeep (with a trailer attached) across the parking lot!!!! never know what you are capable of until you try!

Speaking of obstacle course race (OCR)...I entered my first OCR competition and loved it!!!! I had a blast!!!! It was raining, so the mud made it extra hard. But, I did awesome and totally motivated to do another one. Climbing ropes, pushing barrels up hill, cargo nets, jumping walls. I know, to some of you this may sounds like torture. But, I actually really enjoyed it and I am so glad that I took the leap to try something new! I like to always take on new challenges to see where life takes me!

Summer is moving along. I am obsessed with the kids ages right now. They are SO fun to be with, and they actually like being with me! I realized the other day while I sat at the pool and watched the kids play...we are entering a new phase of life. A season that the kids don't "need" us every breathing moment. Yet, they still like us!!! This is going to be an amazing season of life! Bittersweet as the previous season closes...diapers, cribs, sippy cups, strollers, high chairs.....all gone!!!! It's crazy how fast that season went. But, I learned so much and ready to embrace this new season!

Our summer days are filled with swimming, walks, snowcones, trying new lunch spots, and "adventure days." We have been hiking in the bird sanctuary, walked to buy our first ICEE, swam with cousins, playgrounds, and lots of outdoor play. We are loving our neighborhood pool...the kids work and save money to buy themselves ice cream at the concession stand. I love their independent spirits!
Happy 72nd birthday mom! Happy summer days. Happy 4th of July! We are blessed and looking forward to our upcoming vacation to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Also, Trent is about to turn 5 years old. So, we are looking forward to his party. Such a treasured time for us. I am one grateful momma!

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