Monday, May 8, 2017

Happy 3rd Birthday Faith Ann

My baby girl is THREE! May 8th will forever be one of the most special days...the day that I was given the gift of a forever friend and beautiful baby girl! She is sweet, sassy, spunky, and so stinkin' adorable! And all she wanted was a "sprinkle party" for her birthday! How could I say no to that??

 I asked her..."what do you do at a sprinkle party?" She said, "you eat red sprinkles, pink sprinkles...." hahah! Love this girl too much! So I gave her everything her little heart desired and went all out on the sprinkles! We had a blast at the grocery store. We bought out the entire sprinkle isle! My cart was full of sprinkles, and Faith Ann was beaming with joy! I am soaking up the simple joy that jars of sprinkles make her the happiest girl in the world!

We had a sprinkle bar with ice cream cups and rice krispy treats...all ready to be covered in sprinkles of choice!!! A "tutu station" full of every color of tutu's for the guests! Of course a nail and makeup station too! The boys wanted to help, so Trent made a "parade station." He decorated his 4-wheeler and took the kids on parade rides around the backyard. This was probably one of my favorite parts of the see Trent have so much pride in his "job" of driving the kids in his self invented parade! Then, Hunter wanted a ninja station (of course!) He helped the kids on the rope and climbing dome! It was an adorable party full of personal touches!

Cousin Ally and the older girls on our street ran the party! They all took over a station and worked to entertain...painting nails and makeup! Lots of tutu's floating around too! We danced, jumped on trampoline and ate TONS of sprinkles! The kids kept going back for another layer of sprinkles on their ice cream!

The makeup station turned into quiet the hit! The boys took over and did the moms makeup! We died laughing but lived in the moment and let them go to work! It was great fun! Faith Ann painted my nails (or should I say my entire hand!!!) This party was so sweet, simple and so much fun to watch all the kids be in the spotlight as they ran the party!

Since I wasn't so sure what to do at a "sprinkle party"...I got a confetti cannon. It shoots confetti out, which I thought would look like sprinkles! I gathered all the kids behind me, and I am glad I did because that cannon was super powerful! Confetti flew out with a bang!!
I always hire cousin Ally to bake the cupcakes for parties. She feels special and does a great job! My kids love knowing that their sweet cousin handmade their birthday dessert! Faith Ann was beaming as people sang to her. She looked like such a big girl, full of pride! She has a great little group of friends, and I look forward to watching them all grow throughout the years!

Faith are something else! You are way more than I ever dreamed of when I pictured having a baby girl. You are perfection! You are just as beautiful on the inside as you are out. You are kind and gentle...yet rough and tumble! You are the perfect blend of all things sweet and sassy! I can't wait to see what God has in store for you. Wherever your path leads you....know that your momma is always here to hold your hand and cheer you on! You are so loved! And big news...she is potty trained!!! As of last week! Very few accidents since, and we officially have a big girl!

Happy Easter 2017

Easter is always one of my favorite! It is simple. I feel like it is a holiday that really focuses on the simplicity, loyalty, and love of Christ. That love is shown through the focus on family. Not tons of parties and gifts...just family time with a simple egg hunt, church and good food! Amazing weather to top it off! I always miss my mom so much on Easter. Something about Easter brings my moms presence even more to the forefront! I am grateful that I still feel her love for the holidays in my heart!
We kicked off Easter with a visit to the Easter bunny. Although we still had tears in the picture...this was s huge improvement from last year! Last year, I could not peel Faith Ann's fingers off of my sweater! This year, we could at least have her sit on the very edge of the bench!!! Then, all of a sudden, she gets all the confidence in the world as soon as we get outside. She turns on her sassy pants and poses for the camera!

Off to dye Easter eggs. My sweet dad came over to join us. His health is declining by the day, so these moments are treasured. We ordered pizza and the kids dyed their eggs eager to show us each egg! Easter is really all about these moments....the moments that we can focus on the joy and gratefulness of life!

We woke up early and eager to find eggs. The kids scurried out and enjoyed their Easter baskets. The Easter bunny put a few books and just a bit of candy in their baskets. We keep it super simple over here! After reading and having a morning dose of candy...they ran out to hunt eggs. 

Easter celebration is always at our house. My entire family comes over and fills our home with Easter energy! My dad still likes to give all the grandkids an Easter basket, so I shop and fill baskets on his behalf. He is so kind and generous to keep that tradition going! The kids love it and the adults get a few treats too.

We all bring a brunch item and enjoy food and company! I got all the adults yard games, and we laughed so hard! Basketball we wear on our heads, toss can games and more! We were entertained and made great memories. The kids also had unique outdoor fun! I set up a ninja obstacle course and the kids had a blast! They did rope climbing, swinging, tire jumps and more. We timed them to decide who made it to the "finals!" It came down to cousin Jim and Hunter...Jim won in the final round took the title of "Easter Backyard Ninja!" Priceless memories!

Easter 2017 is one to remember. Grateful to have my dad here to be part of the memories, and forever grateful for the bond, health and love of our family!!!Throw in baseball season full of games...and we are off to a busy spring! Hunter's first year of dads pitch, and he is really getting the hang! Scott is Trent's coach in Tball, which is always adorable to watch!