Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Valentines Day & THE CALL!

Valentines Day is in the books. It was filled with candy, school parties and topped off with a date! Scott and I bounced between the boys class parties. They were both so excited to take their valentines cards they made for the classmates, more Hunter than Trent. Trent wasn't so impressed with the process, but he was excited nonetheless! Sister was in DIVA fashion on Valentines....high maintenance! She had a pouty look the entire day and was hard to please. I hope, for her husbands sake, this is not a valentine trend! But, we survived and had a great time! Then, Scott surprised me with a wonderful date. We went to a casual sushi restaurant then off to race cars. Well, not full size cars, but not go-carts. Somewhere in the middle. They went FAST!! It was a fun adventurous date. Love this man!

Rummel Creek Elementary had their auction party this month too. It was 1920's theme...flapper style! It was SO fun to dress in gloves, feathers, sequin, fishnets and pearls. It was a really fun night. I am so grateful for such a generous, wonderful community! Being raised in this community, it is a blessing to see the generations continue to have pride in our neighborhood and schools! I am SO happy that my children will be raised in such a loving school!

It is starting to get dark later, which means we are outside longer each day. We are an outdoor family for sure! The afternoons can get long with these 3 at my feet, but honestly, these are the afternoons that I will miss one day. I try to often remind myself how fast this season of life will fly by! So, I try to relax more in the afternoons as I cook dinner and play with the kids. Faith Ann keeps up with her brothers! She plays so hard and is such a trooper. Love this picture of this car stuck in her hair! Bless her heart...she tries her hardest to keep up!

Speaking of keeping up with her brothers....she has learned how to protect herself, and her food! This picture cracks me up. Eating dinner with a helmet on, side eye, and throwing elbows to keep Hunter away. She is a hoot! She stays right on her brothers feet at all times. This usually results in her being the passenger on Trent's 4-wheeler, which she loves!

My Dad is truckin' along with his dialysis. He feels pretty crummy, which breaks my heart. But, God bless his soul...he keeps fighting! I grocery shop for him on Sundays to get him all set for the week. I prepackage his lunches for the week, so he is armed with food for dialysis. I try to keep his energy up, but he is wiped out! I also try to get him up and going on his few days off dialysis. We take him to lunch after church, he comes over to watch the kids play. He is slowly accepting that this is just they way the rest of his life will be. That is a hard pill to swallow, but he is making the most of it!
Basketball season has come and gone. Hunter is an amazing and aggressive player. He is quiet the point guard!!! He has grown in confidence and skill this season, and we really look forward to more basketball! He had all his Rummel Creek school friends on his team, which made it even more memorable. Scott really enjoyed coaching. This was a big season for Hunter...he officially is playing like a "big boy." He is focused and totally understands the game! Now onto season starts soon. Hunter is on a dads pitch team with his school friends. Scott is going to be Trent's coach. Trent will play t-ball at our church! 

Now for THE CALL! I have continued to teach all my fitness classes and personal training sessions, and loving the journey. Along the way, I submitted for the show, American Ninja Warrior. Last season, I was a course tester and got to run the course, which was amazing. So, this year I waited and waited. Then, I finally got THE CALL. I was selected to be a contestant on American Ninja Warrior! The producer called Scott that morning and told him they would be calling me that evening. They wanted Scott to video my reaction, so they could possibly use that footage. So, Scott kept that secret ALL day! That night, I was reading books to the kids. Then, the phone rings and Scott jumped up with excitement. I take the call, and the producer was speaking very loud. The kids could hear the conversation and literally jumped with JOY! What a priceless moment! So, now I step up training until I head to San Antonio at the end of March for filming. Around 130 people will be filmed, and they will only air like 25ish people. So, no guarantee I will be on the show. But, I will get the full experience and I am pumped! A big group of family and friends are already booked and ready to make the trip to San Antonio. My friends, family and community have showered me with celebration parties, flowers and support. I am totally looking forward to this journey! Big adventure ahead!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Welcome 2017

We had a simple New Years Eve at my brother, Chad's house. Cousins, food and fireworks! We all stayed up way past midnight! It was a fun start to 2017. To get things rolling, we celebrated Scott's 34th birthday. We had a great and adventurous date. We went to a brewery and enjoyed lots of beer and food! Then, we went to I-Fly. Scott had a blast flying super high, all the way to the top!!

 Then, we tackled the task of Hunter's first tooth falling out! It was so wiggly for days!!! I wasn't brave enough to pull it. So, Beau and Ally attempted. But, it wasn't ready yet. Then, a couple nights later, Hunter called me in his room at like 9:00 at night. It was time! Scott was playing basketball at church, so it was all me! I really dislike pulling teeth, well anything with teeth!! But, I did it!! We cheered, laughed and took pictures!

This was a pretty fun gig....I was on the cover of the Absolutely Memorial magazine. It goes out to the entire Memorial area, so it was a little strange to see my picture in restaurants, the Galleria, on magazine racks, etc! But, it was a cool experience. They did an article on fitness and ways that we stay motivated, etc. They had a few ladies ranging in age, interest, levels and backgrounds in order to appeal to all readers. They did a great job! Glad I said yes to the opportunity. They put my pictures in random places throughout the magazine, which was kind of fun! I am so honored that my fitness journey has led me where I am. Who knew all this was going to happen?! God did!! And I continue to challenge myself to stay fit, help many women, and say yes as doors open in God's timing! 


I never thought that making my mom a promise 11 years ago would shape the destiny of my future! Was being a trainer part of MY plan? NO, no it was not!! But, I started to live out the promise I made my mom before she died, the promise that I would always try to be the fittest and strongest mother I could be for my family! The moment I decided to put my promise into action...God's plan began to unveil! He placed certain people in my path, He led me to try new gyms, He led me to start classes at my church. He planted the seed in my heart to intertwine faith with fitness! My dad always says, "there's no such thing as luck. Luck is when preparation and opportunity meet." And I have to say, for me, I had preparation and opportunity. But, God is the the one that laid this path. I am simply trying my best to help and serve others! And I am having FUN! I would have never thought this career was in my cards, but I said YES and it sure does feel right!

Good ole Trent!!! Still riding his dirt bike and living outdoors! He has started speech at Rummel Creek, and I can see a difference already. The teacher has pinpointed a few problem areas, so I look forward to Trent being more confident in his speech! He is so loving. He is one of a kind and totally has a special place in this momma's heart! He and Zoe are inseparable. Trent has her by his side most of the time! Zoe turned 11 this month, so I am so happy that Trent continues to make her feel special. They take naps together every day! Trent has already talked about how dogs go to a "special place in Heaven when they die." He knows that Zoe is getting old, but he sure is savoring his time with her!

 He played a "strong man" in his school circus play. It was SO funny. They made paper weights that really looked like a barbell! He was in full character and was so excited! Scott took off work, I got Hunter out of school...we all played hookie to watch the play then go eat lunch! French fries dipped in Frosty milkshakes!!! Life is short...why not?! Speaking of life is short...Scott and I have really upped our dates! We go on dates often and make conscious effort to spend quality time together. I am LOVING every adventure and alone time!

 Then there is sister!!! This girl CRACKS me up! She is my shadow. Always right behind me. She is sassy, spunky, and oh so sweet! She helps me put on my make up, helps me cook, loves to pose for pictures, and is into trying to dress herself these days! She continuously makes me laugh and love life even more!

We celebrated Dad's 74th birthday. He is such a dear man!!! So simple, steady, patient, loving, and tough!! He has started dialysis. His 16 year old transplanted kidney has finally failed, and he is now on dialysis 3 times a week. 4 hours each visit. It is totally draining. He is wiped out. But, his spirits are high! He is giving it 100% and is making the most of his days. On his birthday, he had dialysis...bummer! But, Faith Ann and I went to his house and brought him breakfast to kick off his day. Then that afternoon, the kids and I went to his house (before he got home) and decorated with banners, signs and mini pecan pies! We sat and waited for him to get home! He walked in, pooped!! But we surprised him and sang Happy Birthday! Love that man!!! A few days later, the entire family came over for Dad's meal of choice...meatloaf and cornbread!

 Hunter is growing like a weed! 2017 is going to be a big year for him as matures into a "big boy!" He had his 100th day of school parade, and he made a shirt with 100 google eyes on it. He is spending a lot of time with friends, playing basketball, playing outdoors, and always up for adventure! Cousin Ally's birthday was in January too!! We went to the store and sister picked out purple cake with pink icing! So, we went home and baked a cake with Ally. We all decorated together and sang to her!

 We continue our weekly lunch dates with Scott at his office. The highlight of our lunch is our visit with Mr.P, the shoe shine man. He is full of JOY! He gives sister high fives, candy and lots of love! He is such a wonderful man, and he will be such a big part of our childhood memories. He has watched our family grow. We've been having our weekly lunch dates for going on 7 years, so Mr.P has seen it all! Cheers to a great start to 2017!!!! I pray for health, happiness, and the ability to keep our eyes/hearts open to see and appreciate the many blessings God has given us!