Monday, March 12, 2018

February Came and Went

Wow! This year is flying by and February has already passed us by. It was an action packed month filled with American Ninja Warrior preparation, Rodeo time, basketball, and more! These 3 have my entire heart, and we are loving our days. Our afternoons are always filled with homework, outdoor sports, and playing outside until dinner time. Simple days-big memories! 

The boys (and cousin Jake too) love to come to the ninja gym while I train. I will be filming for the next season of American Ninja Warrior in a few weeks, so I am getting all the training in that I can. I use this as an opportunity for me to show my kids what hard work looks like. Dedication. Goals. We can tell our kids all day long to try their hardest....but the biggest impact comes when we SHOW them! They can actually see me fall, get back up, keep trying, keep working. This is an image that I hope gets embedded in their memory as they face challenges ahead!

Sister is a HOOT! She has me cracking up like crazy lately. Her facial expressions, her bravery, her independence. She is simply amazing! She also loves dressing herself these days! My dad is now permanently living in the skilled nursing facility. He literally can not do anything on his own. Dad agrees that he needs nurses full time. So, we spend a lot of our days visiting him. He is usually only up for a short visit, but Faith Ann always makes him laugh! Our family has been spending a lot of time together as we make decisions about dads situation. Lots of hard talks, but lots of good times as we work as a team!

Basketball!!!! What an amazing season. The boys LOVED it. Especially Hunter. Basketball is his sport! He excels and loves every second. He is very aggressive, focused and fast! He may be shorter than most, but somehow he always comes up with the rebound! He scored tons of points, and it was a blast watching him! Scott was Hunter's assistant coach, and the team was filled with his buddies!! And this was Trent's first time to play basketball. He was with his best friends, and his team was undefeated! Trent learned a lot. You would swear he was years older than the other boys. He really understood the game! He thinks he knows everything, so we are working on that, haha!

And RODEO time in Houston!!!! The boys freaked out that they had to wear jeans to Rodeo day...anything other than athletic shorts is torture for them! But, they wore their boots and jeans. Hunter wore his mutton bustin belt buckle, and they looked adorable!! Faith Ann left me speechless with how adorable she looked! Her red bandanna dress, braided hair and boots. She rocked it and loves all things cowgirl!!
And back to ninja! Yes, I got the call for American Ninja Warrior season 10. We film soon!!!! In the team ninja episode will air on April 5th! Ninja vs. Ninja. I was on "Team Big Dog Ninjas." Jody was chosen to be the team captain. So, he picked me and Josh to be on his team. We filmed this in October in LA, California! It was an experience of a lifetime. I will go into more detail after the show airs. I will tell you that it is going to be an AMAZING episode. USA network on April 5th! Great things happen and memories that I will treasure forever!

Monday, February 26, 2018

January Happenings

January is a BIG birthday month!!! Scott turned 35 on the 7th! My Dad turned 75 on the 20th, and Zoe turned 11 on the 31st! We celebrated each one with gratefulness. My dad has still not fully bounced back from his bad fall this past Thanksgiving. In fact, he got a bad infection that set him back even more. He is now in a skilled nursing rehab center. They are evaluating him to see if he's able to build up enough strength to go back home, or if we need to make the move into a full time nursing care facility. So needless to say...this birthday was a big deal for him. He wanted James Coney Island. So, we got balloons and had a gathering. He got tired VERY fast, and left after only 45 minutes or so. We are in a tough time with him. Taking it one day at a time, and I will continue to update as things progress.

Then, ZOE! Our first "baby" is 12 years old. We love and adore her. My parents dog, Sally, was put to sleep a couple days ago. Again, my poor dad is going through a lot of changes. My aunt Margie has been caring for Sally, and she got congestive heart failure. She got very sick! However, Margie was able to sneak Sally into the hospital to say goodbye to my dad. My dad had a lot of tears. Sally laid contently in his lap, then they said goodbye. We just LOVE our dogs so much. Zoe misses Sally terribly.


Now, onto more exciting news!!!! The boys got an updated room. We took down some of their "baby stuff!" Then, filled the walls with LSU, Houston Texans, and Astros galore! New sheets (LSU and Texans of course!) Then, some other "big boy touches," and they are happy campers! And MY GYM!!!!! I treated myself to a gym for the New Year! I only picked out my favorite equipment! Then, hired Victor (my favorite helper) to put all equipment together, paint and make my own space!! Scott and I spent an entire day organizing garage to make room. We are so glad we did...we both use it all the time! I now train clients at my house's a win win for everyone!!! So, January wrapped up eventful, bittersweet and full of change. Welcome 2018....Let's do this!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year 2018!!!

Welcome 2018! We are ready for a great year. We look forward to what God has in store. My biggest prayer is that we live in the present moment and always remain grateful for our health. Happy New Year!

We had a fun and simple New Years. We went to Pappy's for dinner with Beau's family. My kids always love cousin time. Then, we all went by dads to surprise him and gave him dinner. We visited with him for a while then all headed back to our house. We had desserts and drinks until midnight! We all stayed awake and our street filled with our neighbors at midnight. We rung in 2018 with family and our amazing neighbors. Perfect!

Trent was super excited to break in his new camo gear. Santa brought him a hunting suit, and he was over the moon! So, Scott loaded the kids up and took them on an hunting excursion. They had a blast. It was the best start to the New Year! 2018 we are ready and excited!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Card 2017

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 2017 was full of adventure! We are blessed and grateful! Front and back of the Christmas card we mailed out.

And here are some fun outtakes! Cheers to a great year!!! We welcome 2018 with open arms!